Windows Phone Dead because of Lack of Apps – Really?

Yes, I am biased, I am a Microsoftie. That being said, I think it is a pity that people write off Windows Phone, especially if it’s for the wrong, or even non-existent, reason.

My Windows Phone does everything I need it to do and even more. I have my Office365 accounts on it, my Microsoft Band App, my Dash, my music, camera, Twitter, what have you. I’m not here to crunch numbers on how many apps are out there on the different platforms. Although that is the main thing people hold against Windows Phone: there is just not enough apps. Now, I just found a decent article on what we actually DO on our devices using ComScore “The 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report” as a source. The article is in Dutch. Sorry for that, the article came from a Belgian site. But here are some of the numbers.

We spend 89% of our time on a smartphone in apps, 11% goes to the Mobile Web. We spend 80% of our time on only 3 apps! Only 3 apps! With Facebook being nr.1 by far. Followed by YouTube, all flavors of “Chatter and Social” apps and Games. 65% of people hardly download any apps after buying their device. Those main apps come with the device Out-Of-The-Box. We install apps that come with some specific hardware like GoPro camera’s, health devices, smartwatches and we install apps for Banking, Starbucks and Dunkin-Donuts. In the ComScore report there is no app mentioned that does not run on Windows Phone. Funny detail in the article and the report: no mention on usage of the “phone-app”. Time to get rid  of the Phone-App?

So the general opinion “Windows Phone lacks apps” is not consistent with what we actually DO on our devices. Windows Phone is dead, must be the Conspiracy …. What say you?

Nevertheless, I will bring only my Windows Phone to deliver my presentations and demo’s on Azure Disaster Recovery during our events in Bermuda and Belize next week. Hello iOS, hello Android…. anybody out there?

Happy Apping to you all!