Working as a Happy Cloud Company

One of the first projects I took on when I started with my current employer a year ago was to “get our stuff to the Cloud”. Inova Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner “Licensing Solution Provider” and my CEO aimed to have 50% of our resources in the Microsoft Cloud within a year. It all went a bit faster than that so we’ve been working with Office365, Intune, CRM Online and Azure for over half a year now. We are used to it, we don’t even wonder about it anymore, it is business as usual. And, there is a bunch of features available we still have to discover and implement, which will take us some time. Business as usual. Happy CEO.

But every now and then we become aware again that it is extraordinary that our entire organization runs all of its business completely in the Cloud.

We have seen this huge decline in IT Costs, be it investments or maintenance. Things don’t break anymore. Our offices on Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica and Trinidad do not rely on site-to-site VPNs anymore. We are always on at a constant low cost. Happy CFO.

When we meet with customers, with partners and even with Microsoft, people are astonished that we actually work like that! All of it, all the time. We do not only Walk-the-Talk, we are actually “Being what is Next” for a lot of organizations. Customers like that and they want that. Most of the time it’s not the IT Manager that makes the decision, it’s higher Management that asks how long it will take us to build them that. It is becoming strategic instead of tactical, increasing productivity while decreasing costs. Doing events and showing off our own dog food makes the audience dribble (have to make sure we have tissues). Happy Customers, Happy Sales People.

And in the meantime we can work anywhere, from hotel rooms, lounges, airports, airplanes, home, and we can work anytime. I tend to wake up very early, like 4 AM, every now and then I meet my colleague who tends to be a night worker on Lync: “Morning Jasper”. “Go to bed Shawn”. We get our stuff done. Without any servers. If the Internet connection breaks we go to Starbucks and work on. If lightning strikes and we lose power for a couple of hours we do the same. We still get our stuff done. Coffee gets cold because we are getting stuff done all the time. Happy Mobile Workers.

Isn’t it amazing? We are a Happy Cloud Only Company, that is what we preach, that is what we practice. Mobile First – Cloud First: Happy CTO!

Are you next to be Happy?